Day 27&28: Greenwich and National Shite Day

The last week of my little adventure doesn’t seem to be going as smoothly as I liked… But there are some positive sides, too… Greenwich is definitely the nice little place before things went south

The streets of Greenwich on a cold, crispy, frosty morning definitely had a dream-like quality with it. So much that I couldn’t believe it was still in the core of London! It’s by far the best part of London I’ve seen, honest

See the frost on the mild hills? They remind me of the snow-covered Mount Royal… I’m getting nolstalgic now…

From the top of the hill on which resides the Royal Observatory – is that the Olympic Stadium on the right?!

The telescope that aligns with the meridian line is gigantic – and apparently needed stairs so that the observers could climb on? I wonder what it looks like through this telescope though… Imagine a clear, starry night…

The meridian line outside… I quite like the design and would like to film the line, but as you can see in the picture, it’s full of tourists hopping up and down like misbehaving monkeys trying to take picture and prevent others from taking their pictures!

Cutty Sark the cargo ship, on the other hand, is quite nice. It’s not quite, but it tells a more interesting part of the history – tea trade!

I was expecting a boring battleship full of boring war stories from WWI, so when I saw fake tea cargo boxes, I was quite shocked. They do have a knack of making a story stick here, and although I’m not personally satisfied with their omission on some details, they retold the history remarkably accurately – they were glorifying tea trade, but did spare a section mentioning the Opium War and all that, so I should still give them credit for it!

The main deck is full of designs that are simply picturesque – be it the lines or the boards or the rooms. The clear day also helped!

I was in a hurry to get back to London and get some of my stuff, and GoogleMap told me to cross a bridge that doesn’t exist? I panicked for a few second before going into a round building, which lead me into a tunnel under the River Thames! This is so cool yet totally unplanned!

I’d always thought Second Cup was an American company…?! But apparently not, it’s Canadian! It’s still not Tim Hortons though, but I wonder what luck I’d have if I walk in and order a Double Double?

Well that brought to the end of Greenwich, possibly the last nice day of this month-long trip, as I woke up the next day with a fever and achy bones ;( I first thought (or rather hoped) it was a bad cold but by the afternoon it felt more like the flu. Very convenient time, indeed! I spent the day trying to sleep it off with limited success, mainly because my lower back was giving me hell, and I couldn’t find the Tylenol I brought from Canada!

After hours of tossing and turning and last-minute-change-of-plans, I was out again, getting my suitcase from a friend, and moving to my second last host’s. It wasn’t comfortable at all, but I managed okay until I got my suitcase. First the Tube was not working, and I was forced to move all of my stuff up and down the staircases twice just to understand where I should go to find the bus replacement service. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if I’m feeling okay, but my sore back wasn’t up to the task of much heavy lifting… Fortunately a couple lent a very friendly hand, and that was managed. Then, after about half an hour of standing up and keeping my suitcase in check, I got off at the wrong station, went down into the tube (this one has escalators), up again, and was sent back down by a staff to take a different route. Just when I was sitting comfortably (or as comfortably as I could) in the Tube thinking I could take a brief break, the destination of the train was changed?!?! Disgruntled, I stood up, and waited to get off the train and change to a different one.

I have a Canadian flag ironed onto my suitcase, and there was a girl about 6 or 7 standing beside me, circling around a pole like no one else was watching. She discovered my ironed badge, decided to use it as a button, and started slapping it every time she turned around. Her mummy was visibly embarrassed, but it lifted my mood tremendously, so I started playing her game, too. It was very easy, I’d slap the badge just as she turned around enough to see my hand, and then she’d slap it. We made a very nice team as if enough slapping would make something magical appear, and farewelled each other quite happily when I got off the train. Man, I love that girl!

And finally, the last train I was supposed to take was again run by bus replacement services… So I spent the next 45 minutes on a bus, trying to maneuver my suitcase… And when I finally arrived at the station, I was feeling outright miserable, as if my back would break on me! Surely it must be National Shite Day?! 

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