Day 29: HP Studio

I managed to buy some paracetamol and cough candies before I arrived at my host’s last night, and those helped me to get some much needed – yet still restless – sleep. I was still a bit feverish when I woke up today, but at least the aches were gone, and I was feeling well enough to move around. It was still such a good news though, as I’ve booked my HP Studio tour today, and I’ve been worrying about not being able to make it because of my illness…

It’s an unexpected foggy day in London, but it didn’t matter much as I spent the majority of my time indoors – best possible tourism activity for this sickly creature here! The day started with a series of bus, Tube & train delays, which made me fear about not being able to get in. But apparently being late wasn’t a problem, and I was finally inside the cinema by noon – I left my place at 8:30 in the morning! This is going to be a picture-heavy post, so please excuse my lack of commentaries! For those without a single word written, either you know what it is, or you wouldn’t have known even if I explained, so I’m not going to bother!

I wasn’t exactly excited for the tour today, but that can be partly contributed to my mood… I don’t think anyone would be happy to visit one of their dream places while feeling rather under the weather!

But again, the kids – probably from a Public School or some independent school – lightened up my mood, and by security check, I was feeling more ready for today’s tour.

Newt is Newt is Newt! I wasn’t expecting to see him here, but where else? Damn I want a Bowtruckle and maybe a Sniffler!

This is my first time ever thinking Mad-Eye looks quite fashionable!

According to the girl at the welcome room, they were “still celebrating Christmas” at Hogwarts, so this tour has that additional bit of magical touch associated with the majestic winter in the Highlands.

I’d always thought the house points were displayed in the Entrance Hall…?

Hey they’re lighting Christmas puddings on fire!

These are not real food though… And I do know the anecdote of them trying to use real food for the first few films – not telling it’s! You need to look it up yourself!

Why have I never heard of this quote before? Why the heck? You have no idea why I needed this quote so much in my life… A classic English school story (tied in with WWII) indeed…

I’d always held the grudge of them not making Harry use the invisibility cloak all the time, but I guess… If he is under the cloak all the time, we wouldn’t be able to see a thing!

Apparently the “up” scene was controlled by track in maybe magnet…? But I wonder how they did it in Alnwick castle, of all places! But this could be one of those combinations of special effects and location shooting…

Quite the feel of Dementors, eh…?

I admit that it took me a few seconds to realize it’s the Nineteen Years Later costume… How dare I?

Had soup, butterbeer and mint chocolate toads for lunch, though it wasn’t as good as I was expecting… I still like the carrot ginger soup in Hayle better, and butterbeers is much to beer-y for me! The bun was good though, so an acceptable meal.

No one tried to free Dobby today?! And I forgot to bring my sock!

I think it was at this point that I started to fully appreciate all the efforts they put into the eight movies… Truly remarkable!

And finally we have the Hogwarts castle model… It’s incredibly detailed, with such a magical touch especially with the snowfall that I couldn’t help but smile!

And this, some recreation of Ollivander’s, is the end of the tour… I booked a visual guide, and their farewell words made me emotional… I was ready to cry as it felt like saying goodbye to the series again

The gift shop was absolutely a rip-off… I bought a chocolate frog for 9 pounds! These sweat shirts, however, are very good-quality and (relatively) affordable, but they didn’t have any badger ones…?! Well Hufflepuff sweats were apparently out-of-stock and I was supposed to order one online… Fine! It’s not like I can go with any other house’s swag anyways! As a proud Puff I refuse to compromise my house pride!

And so that was the day. I admit that I hadn’t been as thorough as I’d liked (and I blame it on being sick, which made me tired, impatient, and irritable), so another visit is deemed necessary now… Maybe I should come when there’s another special exhibition going on?

Well, not this year, that much I know.

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