I’ve put up an announcement, and it can be found here.

I’ve also put down a list of exactly where I’m hoping to visit, and, in most cases, what I want to do in these places. Please check out Places to Visit & Things to Do

You can view the newest posts and more by scrolling down the page. There’s a section called “recent posts”.

At the very end of this page (and every other page in this blog), there are also links to my fanfiction profileCouchsurfing Profile and two other blogs. One blog I’ve been focusing on is In Memoriam of an Era, it’s all about my life back in China, only I write them also as tourism pieces with bits of culture, history and folklore. It’s definitely worth your time to check it out.

A sample post for you that’s solely consisted of my own photos: Sample Photographed Post

I may also put up a post on the preparation process… Maybe how I feel learning Geordie, too? I’ll think about it…

Anyways… Looking forward for the big trip!!!!