May, 2017

I’ve decided to update my “About” page, simply because I’m enjoying so much of my adventure, and have discovered the potential to turn it into something bigger… A writing project, for example! Thus, I’ve set up a few more categories, and put my posts in them! I’m putting down a list of existing/prospective posts here, as a guide and for future reference XD

NOT On The Road

Announcement AUG13 (Aug, 2016)

Places to Visit & Things to Do (Aug, 2016)

Day Zero (Dec, 2016)

Looking Back… (Jun/Jul 2017)

Walking in Britain

Day 4: Stonehenge (Dec 2017)

Day 5+6: Cornwall Part I (Dec/Jan 2017)

Day 7: Cornwall Part II (Jan 2017)

Day 13: A Walk Around Wye Valley (Jan 2017)

Castle Keep & the Coast (Feb 2017)

Hadrian’s Wall – Chester to Carrow (Mar 2017)

The Big One (Mar 2017)

Scotland Day 1-2: Edinburgh I (Apr 2017)

Scotland Day 12-14: Glen Finnan (Apr 2017)

Sheffield (or simply, Mam Tor) (Apr/May 2017)

Hadrian’s Wall II: Housesteads to Greenhead (May 2017)

The Alwinton Dream (Jun 2017)

An Even Bigger One (Jun 2017)

Pilgrim’s Causeway & the Holy Island (Jun 2017)

Easter in Coquetdale (Mar 2017 – coming soon)

The Towns, the Cities, and the Rest of the Rounds

DAY 1: Arrival & Canterbury (Dec 2016)

Day 2: Canterbury I (Dec 2016)

Day 3: Canterbury 2 (Dec 2016)

Day 9&10: Bristol Part I (Jan 2017)

Day 11: Bristol Part II (Jan 2017)

Day 12: Tintern Abbey (Jan 2017)

Day 14&15: Cardiff Part I (Jan 2017)

Day 17: Cardiff Part II (Jan 2017)

Day 18&19: Liverpool (Jan 2017)

Day 20&21: Manchester (Jan 2017)

Day 22&23: Oxford (Jan 2017)

Day 24: Stratford upon Avon (Jan 2017)

Day 25&26: London I (Jan 2017)

Day 27&28: Greenwich and National Shite Day (Jan 2017)

Day 29: HP Studio (Jan 2017)

Day 30&31: London II (Jan 2017)

Settling In…  (Jan 2017)

Reappearance & Angel of the North (Feb 2017)

Scotland Day 3/4: Edinburgh Part II (Apr 2017)

Scotland Day 5-11: Glasgow (Apr 2017)

Alnwick Castle (May 2017)

Cultural, Historical & Intellectual Experiences

The Gig (Feb 2017)

The Double Gig(s) (Mar 2017)

Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering (Apr 2017)

York, Durham & Shane Koyczan (May 2017)

Billy Elliot (ft. the Wirral) (May 2017)

On Nigel Blackwell’s Accent… (May 2017)

Turbulent Tales & Tickell (May 2017)

Alnwick Castle HP Day (May 2017)

The Last Gig (Jun 2017)

And if you want to know what I’m really about… Please see my introductions below from a lifetime ago!


Sept, 2016

Whew! Keeping two blogs, two fanfictions, and a job as a freelancer while attending university is stressful! Well, I guess I could manage, though FF updates will have to wait… Focusing on In Memoriam of An Era and making some money is top priority!

I’m an undergraduate student at McGill University, though I consider myself from Saanich, BC, the tiny piece of land up the peninsula and just north of Victoria. It’s such a beautiful place, Vancouver Island.

Anyways… I’m going on an exchange in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK, and this is the blog to record my entire journey. I plan to set off on boxing day, and spend my first month seeing as much of the southern British Isles as possible; I save the North for Easter, you see, when it’s warmer and more suitable for hiking and exploring.

There’s also the Toon, of course. I’m preparing for it. I’ve done some research and know a few places I’d like to frequent during my stay, but I also know that by living there, it’s going to be full of surprises! For school, I plan taking on two modules on psychology, one module on physiology, and one on English accents – sounds like an exciting semester! I’d also love to join the all-level-welcome rugby club and play a few more 7’s games, though I wouldn’t mind playing 15’s. If there’s time, I’d love to do some more rock climbing, or just train for it, for I plan to climb the Drake Stone in April…

And to end my trip with something spectacular, I managed to get myself a ticket for the Curse Child in mid-June. That’ll be the last item on my list for this six-month journey, and I know it’s going to end on a fantastic note.