Day 25&26: London I

Well… We’re approaching the end of the winter trip by returning to London… And let’s see how that fares!

First breakfast in London – pie and mash with gravy. It tastes okay, but only okay… The pastry wasn’t greasy because of the gravy, but the pie filling wasn’t very good. Maybe I need to add a bit more salt?

In the tube. It’s very strange because Londoners (or generally Britons) don’t really care about rules when crossing a road, but in the tube they do strictly the “stand on the right” thing, leaving the left side for those in a hurry.

Spotted: Canadian flags between SOHO and Westminster. I suppose this is the consulate?

The British Museum and all that, yeah, I know… Still not gonna visit though, beat me?

Did a bit of a walk on the bank of the Thames, and saw some intriguing things… Look at the fish-like sculptures! They totally got me singing “One Sunday morn’ young Lambton went a-fishing in the Wear, and catched a fish upon his heuk he thowt leuked varry queer”… Are they scamanders?

I don’t know enough of mythology to know what this creature is… But I know it’s not a hippogriff nor a sphinx… Any ideas?

I was losing my interests of this Thamesside walk because of all the bustling people and construction, and wanting to go home –

Wait a minute, is this…?

Yup, this is the bridge… Millenium Bridge in real life, the same bridge that got destroyed in HP6. So, naturally, I crossed it, and thanked Merlin there weren’t any Death Eaters around!

The view from the Millenium Bridge. It does feel a bit ironic though… This icon probably wasn’t built till the year 2000, yet it occurs in a movie that’s supposed to happen in 1996!

After about 6km I found the London Bridge… It’s the barely-visible bridge on the above picture, and I apologize for the tunnel blocking the view… The bridge doesn’t look like it’s falling down though!

A bit more than 6K, and we get to the Tower Bridge. Walking back from the other end makes it 7K!

So I decided it was enough walk for the day, and stayed at a Starbucks with spectacular views. I practically watched sunset at the Tower Bridge!

Cheeky Nando’s for dinner, and another thing off my list! Except… It’s not as good as people described, and I ordered too much… Well, I’ll try to avoid it in the future then…

Churchill War Rooms the next day, again not as exciting as I anticipated… It does bring back the feel of history, and it’s nice to read all of his cheeky quotes, but that’s about the excitement of the day…

And since I was already nearby, I decided to head to Westminster Bridge, and that meant the Big Ben. The crowd was terrifying, but I eventually navigated around it.

And here we have Upon Westminster Bridge. I don’t know whether to quote Wordsworth or HMHB here, but all I could see was the smoke and dust from industrialization, and Mother Nature mourning… Sigh…

Met a friend for dinner before being told that my host was throwing me out. Thankfully I have another extremely reliable friend who kindly took me in for the next few nights. Gotta thank her properly later, I swear!

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