Day 8: Cornwall Part III

Last day in Cornwall, and I decide to spend it in Hayle! Initially I only planned for the Paradise Park but as the day drew closer and I got introduced to HMHB, it’s become a little surprise 🙂

The ticket booked was later than yesterday’s, so the sun was already well up by the time I got on the train… Plus I’ve been controlling myself not to take the same pasture too many times… So I’m afraid there’s only one today!

I have to admit that Hayle train station is a little surprise for me… I was expecting at least a little room with ticket booths and a cafe but it turned out there were only tracks and platforms and that was it… The electric info board didn’t even work lol

The flora though… I think I commented on trees in the Eden post and I just feel like doing it again… If not for the around zero weather, by just looking at these pics, you’d thought you’re somewhere in southern France or Italy!

Some street views of Hayle… The above picture is a hospital, one without an emergency department… It honestly looks like just another residential building!

Birds + a curled up red panda in Hayle Paradise Park… They do have a lot of parrots who don’t seem to be able to talk. Those parrots are huge, though… So there’s the compensation

The owl series… I must say this is why I’m here. If I write about the magical world, I need to know my owls, don’t I? They do have a good collection of (sleeping) owls here, sadly not any snowy ones… Or maybe I just didn’t find any?

A bunny 🙂

More birds…

This! This bunny looks so entitled and comfy to just lie in the girl’s arms and have her toes clipped… Damn that look, makes me want to be a bunny too!

Ahhhh sheep… And mini ones, too!

There’s a little goatie, looking like an inquisitive child marvelling at the world

Awwwwwww I think this is the best picture I’ve taken so far. My heart melts every time I see it! She’s just so… Calm and happy and a little bit resigned like everything you’d expect in a lamb, and she smiles at you like this and I just want to stare at her all day long and forever!

Donkeys! Those aren’t mini ones anymore and they made me sing:


Plant that looks like a leaf’s fibre

They have penguins?!

Ah well it’s the first time I saw them swim this up close, and they swim like seals…? Interesting…

Had lunch at the park… I was looking forward to a homemade roast but it was sold out, so I ordered a panini and a soup. The panini was all right, but the soup… When I first heard “carrot ginger soup” I was a little scared, not knowing what to expect, as my experience with soup in Canada hadn’t been all that great, and I know Western people put weird stuff in thick liquid and call it a soup… But this is allegedly the best soup I’ve ever had in Western World! (Well perhaps apart from chowders) I got to get a recipe and learn to make it myself as it also sounds so easy!

Roads without traffic lights… Well I can live if roads don’t have traffic either, you know… But no, this is probably one of Hayle’s busiest crossing and they decide they’d just leave it to the drivers?! I appreciate the trust, mate, but crossing as a oases train was scary as hell… Scarier than back in China as we have traffic lights!

On the other hand, the bus station is very well designed with a shelter and a live info board! A bit of an regret of not being able to hop on to St Ives though…

I passed by, knowing I’d wanted to stop there without understanding why, doubled back and laughed like a nutter! These boards are too priceless not to take a snap at them! I’d readily buy one if I can carry a 4kg wooden board across England and then across the Atlantic Ocean!

Did I mention exotic plants?

Slowly making my way to the sea, and just like all other beaches, this one is splendid! There’s also the harbour side so always a bonus to have some man vs nature contrast, too…

Why am I obsessed with St Ives? Well I’ll quote one of my friend: living the song is the best feeling [in the world].

For those of you who know little about me, I’m slowly making my way to become a HMHB fan and the first song of theirs I listened to was For What Is Chatteris… It’s an elegant piece of ballad about modern leaving-the-town-for-love, and it ends with the lines:

What is Chatteris if you’re not there?

What is Chatteris if you’re not there?

I may as well be Ely or St Ives

And of course being the Drama Queen I was, I did a singalong at the beach looking at St Ives’ harbour…

Spent the last of the afternoon at the beach to wait for sunset, and at about 3:30pm it was already like this… I was standing on a tiny sandy bump yet the shadow made me feel like I was standing on top of the world… And yes, I took a moment to marvel at that feeling

Just like the morning, sunset looks like everything is painted by golden spread, too! It

The other island was a bit higher than where I was standing so sunset came a bit early than expected. This was taken around 4:10pm, and not even a full song later the sun dropped into the slightly elevated horizon… A bit of an regret not catching the last bit but this was precious enough as it is!

On my way back to the town/village, where the sky was still in transition between red and blue… Better colours to see with bare eyes, of course.

And the evening was spent in travelling, and getting to the right places in Bristol… It took a while but eventually everything worked out and I’m updating at my host’s in Bristol!

One thought on “Day 8: Cornwall Part III

  1. Douglas Baker says:

    The St Ives referred to in the song is St Ives in Cambridgeshire, not Cornwall ! I enjoy calling it “Stives”.It is near Chatteris. People there have webbed feet and voted for Brexit. I read the lyrics to the song out at my wedding, it is very moving.


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