Day 9&10: Bristol Part I

Ah… Bristol…

Well, sorry for disappearing! I spent my first full day in Bristol chilling: sleeping, watching a movie, reading and cooking! It is only today I finally decided to move out and see the city for myself, so today is the first real day in Bristol for me XD

But let’s rewind a little… I am now living with an artist in what looks like a government housing project. I’m not unfamiliar with food struggles myself, yet living in a shelter is still a novel experience for me – one that I’d always wanted to see for myself.

Aye. This is just to give you an idea that when I say cooking, I mean cooking… It took me about six hours to make 10 meat cakes and by then I was getting impatient lol. Still have some dough left and I might make scallion cakes later today…

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