Day 7: Cornwall Part II

After spending two days around the lovely town of St Austell, I’ve decided I’d like a bit of a change, and see the most southerly point of England… And thus the Lizard!

Well I’ve heard enough Lizard jokes from my social psych prof and the HP fandom, so here’s another one:

When a lizard lies at the beach of the Lizard, does it know it’s a lizard, and wonder if it’s a good lizard?

Looks like I’ve been extremely fortunate with the weather since I arrived… It’s been glorious sunshine pretty much all the way up until now!

Golden. Good morning, St Austell!

After a half-an-hour train ride, we meet an equally golden Redruth: Smile!

More on Redruth! When it’s sunny here, it feels like every single building is bright and golden and just cheerfully bubbling merry… Canadian houses don’t get this sort of charm – or is it magic?

As we now ride with the extraordinary Bus #37 to Lizard, we can see loads of pasture… I suppose those are just grazing lands but I’m not exactly sure as I don’t see sheep in the above pics… But you get the idea! I’m probably hundreds of miles away from where Wordsworth’s Michael took place, but already I can see where he was coming from… Freedom and tranquility, two of the best things in world.

A word on Bus 37 for travellers who want to follow my route… The bus ride is splendid, and I suppose it’s just as splendid in the rain, too, with rain’s special powers to refresh everything! Though do be sure to check the bus timetable with Firstbus Kernow… And the Bank Holiday schedules. I stupidly believed that Britain is as stingy in holidays as Canada, and carefully scheduled my visit on Jan 2nd, thus avoiding New Year’s Day. Well… Turns out when Christmas or New Year’s falls on a weekend, the next week day becomes a Bank Holiday, too… So I had my first missing a bus on a Sunday schedule today… I appreciate the nice view, but having to spend two more two hours than anticipated in 1C w/ wind weather without a proper winter coat was not the most pleasant thing on earth… Well at least it was sunny and I was walking so it wasn’t all that bad

After some really satisfying green, we arrived at the town of Helston. I’d originally planned to stay here after one night in St Austell, as it’s closer to Lizard, but I couldn’t find any hosts nor any B&B’s with reasonable prices… Well it turns out there are hosts here, and one contacted me shortly after I arrived in London, but as I’d already finalized plans, that didn’t really worked out…

I honestly thought it was a toy’s shop until I looked at the banners… Very festive, indeed.

A little river/stream on the side of the road… I suppose it’s some sort of sewage system, or at least used to be? It’s really a pity that I wasn’t able to explore Helston a bit, but what’s a journey without regrets?

On a little side note I had a very nice little chat on river/stream definitions with my host, who happens to believe it depended on how much water runs through a point over a given period of time… Still, rivers here don’t look like rivers at all and I can’t really tell the difference between a river and a stream anymore lol

Look what I found? A helicopter! And a lifeboat helicopter of that! Hopefully no one needed rescue by the time I found it lying in grass…

This, if I remember correctly, is the beach of Mullion. England has some very strange, original, and fascinating place names, often the result of combining the same word in different languages together… Apparently there is a place, if broken down, essentially means “valley valley valley”, but I forgot what the actual name is 😦 made me think of Remus Lupin, though… “Werewolf McWerewolf” lol

Mother, girl, a dog, and golden sun. I couldn’t not take this picture!

Still on the road to Lizard Point… We’re actually looking at it right now!

Now that’s Lizard Point! Not exactly the most southerly point of England, but Old Lizard is possibly less than a mile away so, approximately, we have reached one end of England!

Another photo that I just had to take… I think it’s something about the life, the walking to the beach and sitting on a bench and talking sort of life, that I’ve been longing all these years, but who knows?

Getting closer and closer… The anticipation was building up, and it was such a splendid place for a short walk, too!

Clouds… They made it cold but there’s an upside, isn’t there?

After carefully trudging down for about 10 minutes (thanks to well-constructed roads/paths I didn’t break down half way) I reached the beach… It looks like mummy and cramps are throwing roses into the sea because grandma wanted to sail to France before she died, but who knows…?

I was inclined to hop some more stones to reach even further away but it didn’t look safe at all… You know you need to stop when all you can picture is slipping down a rock and bumping your head into another one and cracking a skull or something…

Found a cave down here, and went exploring… Who knows? I might have some real pirate spirit in me…

Never mind lol by the time I reached this point, the smell had really got me, and I had to recall… Who knows what’s in there? Hopefully not human cadavers as it does smell like decay/waste in there…

Climbing back up now… The trail does look better from bottom up!

The lighthouse… It’s allegedly one of the biggest in the world, but who knows…? There are a lot of “one of the biggest”s in this world that I just stopped caring… The lighthouse isn’t open during the winter months, sadly… Would’ve been fun to give it a climb…

There’s a small cafe on the way to Lizard Point, too… And apparently it gets so windy so often that it needs rocks to hold down menus…

Just to give you an idea of how close the cafe is from the beach… This is the view from the outside!

Cute and cheeky answers, too! You just can’t not like them, I guess…

I’d say this is the most southerly fish & chips in England indeed… Though the fish is not battered as I ordered Medley… It was so good! Definitely improved my view on English cuisine!

The re-visit after finding out I’d missed a bus… The sun’s out again and it’s lovely!

It’s my first time finding out that the hedges are actually stones, like everything else… I’d honestly believed they’re made of really high bushes and weed all along!!! Well now I know what Hadrian’s Wall looks like in a few more centuries…

The village of Lizard… Very different building styles, supposedly from different eras, I guess?

Near sunset & grazing sheep…

The moon and the Venus… My host told me it was the International Space Station first and I was reasonably skeptical… Turns out to be Venus which I still find hard to believe but I guess I can accept it…

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