Day 18&19: Liverpool

Sorry for disappearing, people… I’ve been having some trouble with Internet for the past few days and hadn’t dared to post until now… And yes, the story begins with me leaving Cardiff.

The day I visited St Fagans, my phone stopped working. I had limited time that evening to ask my company, who told me that I needed to pay my first bill, and that I couldn’t pay without a British bank card. So I went home, ready for an early morning so that I could go to the bank and then my phone company before being due at the train station at noon.

Long story short, I went to the bank, the bank wouldn’t issue me a card without a testament of address. At the same time I realized that my wallet had disappeared. I had all my IDs and bank cards (needed for train tickets) in my wallet! Panicking and believing that I’d left my wallet on the bus back from St Fagans, I contacted my host immediately, grasping the slim chance that he might have it. It turned out that he did, and we met somewhere in town for me to get it back. I went to my phone company right afterwards, a different shop. The staff there were very patient and helpful, and explained that the ferty-free girl in London failed to explain a few key things. They helped me sort the mess out, and gave me a new phone card with a new, not-exactly-cheap but payable-by-a-foreigner plan. Satisfied, I went to try Burger King (expensive and bad food – not recommended!), and realized that my train was only 20 minutes away. It took me 16 minutes to toil to the train station and 3 more to get my tickets and get to the platform. Making the train had never felt so victorious!

It was basically flat on the way to Liverpool, and we went past Hereford! Lots of sheep looking much smaller than I remember them to be, too. Now, I guess, I’ve seen the moors and the valleys… I look forward to the day I see the glens and the fens *hums Danny Boy to myself*

It was a chilly day in Liverpool, and my host was from South Africa… We went out to pick up another girl in the evening, and it was “f*cking snowing”. I also betrayed the Canadian part of myself by getting excited lol. To be honest, this is¬†barely snow!

My host, another girl, and I had a very nice discussion about opinions and facts before going to bet at 1… Ready for a good night of sleep, I didn’t spare much of a thought before stripping, which turned out to be a grave mistake. Spared by their mild climate, the British house I stayed in had such abysmal insulation and heating that I wondered whether I’ve made through a night at 5C! Well, if anything, now I know what homelessness feels like!

British people do have a weird passion for the colour purple, and maybe I would understand Alice Walker better if understand why Britons keep using purple… For general garbage!

The sun was briefly out the second day, in the morning. I was knackered, though, after a freezing night of non-sleep, so I didn’t take much interests in the scenery.

The first part of my day was the Beatles Story. It was very educational and informative, with all sorts of resources. My headphones didn’t work very well, but I did enjoy myself, and indulged a cup of tea at the cafe. Also met a German professor there, and had a nice little chat. Though I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble of keeping contact.

The afternoon was spent at the Maritime Museum. I only had time (and interests) for the Slavery exhibition and the Tax and Border Control exhibition, and both offered abundant information! Of course, being the typical, cynical me, I silently questioned the way some information was presented

= =

I just love that Ferris Wheel, don’t I? Guess I need to plead guilty for falling for this geographic icon, then…

The night came, and my Liverpool stay ended with this Cathedral, on my way home. The only evening activity I had was to visit a friend of my host’s, and having a taste of real Africa. It was short, and I failed to find anything HMHB-related, but chances are I’m coming back (explained in the next post).

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