Day Zero

I guess I should talk a bit about the prep process then. I’d made an outline of this trip back in August, looking up things to do and places to visit and everything. It took two full evenings, and a lot of estimation, but I eventually made a route that makes sense, and felt quite content about it. As I started buying tickets and fine tuning things, however, problems arose.
Busses are a disaster around New Years, and if not for the kindness of my host, I may not even get a chance to reach the south-most point of England at all. I was forced to forgo Newquay. Beautiful it may be, I cannot find any hosts, or affordable alternative accommodation, at all (wow did I just alliterated five words in a row? Kudos!). So by extending my stay in Redruth and Bristol, I was able to return to the pre-researched schedule by Wales. Then accommodation for Tintern was a pain again.
I aimed to find a B&B but the only affordable one is not accessible by foot or bus. I had to book a hotel for two nights, and fortunately it wasn’t too bad… Transport to Tintern is still up in the air so I’ll have to call them after I arrive to confirm everything, costs included.
The rest of the trip were relatively easy, until London. Looking for hosts in London isn’t hard, it’s just complicated. Not so many CS hosts are open for more than 4 days and I was forced to split my stay into halves, but eventually I found people I’d love to stay with so this is a bonus. Both live in Zone 6 though… May be a bit of a risk but let’s hope it’s worth it…
School starts at the end of January, right after Chinese New Year, and that’s something to think about, too… Dumplings, for one, can be hard to manage on the road, let alone getting all the spices for a traditional meal. But let’s not get too far ahead just yet, and carpe diem.
I’d love to update every day or at least once for every single destination… Can’t guarantee anything just yet, but it should be good exercise. So… Stay tuned!

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