Reappearance & Angel of the North

Sorry for disappearing, people… I took a little detour a few weeks ago and was neither in the UK nor “on the road” (though that’s a debatable point). But now I’m back, and re-settled, I suppose I’d report my recent positions a bit.

I got back in Newcastle about a week ago, and the first thing I did was to buy grocery – from Asda. Again, the prices shocked me… It was when I decided to buy stuff from Asda every week, and supplement the rest with Tesco/market grocers.

First real week of school was all right. A bit boring at the beginning as my only Tuesday class got cancelled, but on Wednesday my writing seminar was somewhat reassuring… Thursday was a big day of classes, but not as hard as I kept picturing it. Then I got a day off on Friday, and shamefully used it to procrastinate!

Oh and I met my personal tutor on Friday. We had a fun chat, which sparked my desire to prepare for my Northumberland/Scotland trips. I’ve been spending much of my time – the bit that I have and the bit that I don’t – on preparing my big walk in the Cheviots. It’s been peeving me out, frankly speaking. But maybe after the Hadrian’s Wall practice, I shall gain more confidence? Besides… I should really book tickets for Scotland now…

So, on Saturday, a friend and I visited Angel of the North. It wasn’t that big of a fuss, but it kept me in touch with some green green grass and country pastures – while in Gateshead. It wasn’t ideal, of course, but it was a relief; a signal that says “everything’s back to normal now”.

(Felton Lennon just came on my Shuffle list… Damn, the Cheviots is calling me!)

Did I mention the lake that’s just south of my place? Well I found time to visit one sunny day, and as much as it disappointed, there was still some lovely things to see. The trees, for example. I couldn’t stop picturing them extending to no end and becoming a forest much like the Forest of Dean.

Goose… Or it a goose? Oh and by goose, I mean Canada Goose, invasive species of British Columbia, Mr No Fear, and Master of the Pavement.

Anticipating an active day, we decided to compliment it with full English breakfast. We went to Blakes for its reputation and it did not disappoint! The beans are, again, delicious, and the little teapot was a devil of a container! It was pitless!

Just a couple of pictures of Newcastle streets as we came down to cross the river to Gateshead. It’s a short walk for leisure, but I wouldn’t want to walk all that way just to get to work/school, just sayin’

If we were to walk to the Angel, it’d take an hour and a half each way. But we finally decided to take the bus – £2.90 per return trip – so it was easier, and less exhaust-gas breathing. A group of kids appeared to be videotaping for a project of some sort, so we didn’t manage to climb the feet. The surrounding’s are very nice to the eye, though not too much to the camera lenses… So there aren’t many pictures!

On the way back, we finally managed to cross the Tyne Bridge (the new Tyne Bridge, I suppose, as it was opened by King George in the 1920’s. They must have went across a different one going to Blaydon Races). The sight, again, is spectacular. Inevitably, my mind went: “Can you believe that just 100 years ago, these banks were full of coal carriages and ships, and not so far upstream, pits and keels?”

It was always difficult to appease my mind without Tetris, so in we went for a cuppa. It was a different place, a renowned tearoom right on campus, but I don’t like their Earl Grey much… It’s to scented… And they don’t have lemon drizzles!

I shall retire, now. I will update as I see fit.

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