Settling In… 

Phew… The first big trip was indeed some experience! From drooling over the tales in Canterbury to stone hopping in Cornwall to that scary as sh*t walk in Wales to the heartache in the Northwest to the live actors in Stratford and to the busy, bustling streets of London, every single part of this trip means something profound for me, and I appreciate the opportunity.

Now, after a few days spending with my proper Geordie host, I’ve finally moved into student halls. Not the best housing/social condition I was expecting, but my flat mates all seem nice enough to get along with. I’ve officially met three of them, and saw two more briefly. The three I’ve talked to all seemed to be northern people, and one of them has an accent quite intelligible that I’d suspect she’s either a Scot, or a proper Geordie like me host. Damn and I’m already starting to talk like them!

They have a funny thing going on here… They named all the buildings with rivers in Northumberland!

And I’m impressed that they put Coquet in! Ah, the river of me dream…

It’s funny how the number of times I’ve moved in the past does not really help with knowing what I need… I went for food shopping today (which I admit is my most immediate need), but completely left out life essentials such as dish soap, salt, and zipper bags! I guess I was more hungry than I thought at the time, then…

It’s been a very nice day today – sunny, warm, everything one wouldn’t expect in this corner of the Northeast. But this lake by my hall seems frozen…?

I mean, give it a break, it was 5 degrees outside! What delusional dream is this?

But by the time I got to the store, I had another surprise waiting for me! I brought some essential spices from Canada thinking resources would be scarce here, and WTF?! This childhood-memory biscuits is nowhere to be found in Canada, AT ALL!!! So being the clammin’, desperate pitless hole I was, I bought two packs and am now exercising every last bit of my willpower to leave them for breakfast tomorrow!

And on my way back, I (literally) walked into the old city wall… And thought I’d seen Hadrian’s Wall!

And if you look very closely, you can see patterns on the wall suggesting that it had been repaired and strengthened over the years! The red stones are definitely new – and there are clear lines suggesting there were once merlons and embrasures!

I’m also making a list of things to do once I get the chance (and motivation):

A football game at St James’ Park

Have crumpet with butter and jam and tea!

Sunday roast & Lancashire stew

Proper Shepherd’s Pie

Wall’s End & the part of the Wall that’s inside Newcastle

North & South Shields, along with Whitly Bay

Durham Castle and Alnwick Castle

And of course, Coquetdale – but that’ll have to wait till Easter!

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