Day 24: Stratford upon Avon

Sorry about disappearing again folks… Time’s not working out recently, so please excuse me 😉

So, Stratford-upon-Avon, aka Shakespeare’s town… It’s a nice little town with the type of English calmness that makes me happy… And it’s full of quotes!

The two pics above featured a bunch of kids… Elementary school kids from Beijing, China, apparently on a field trip. A very pleasant bunch, I should add. They added life to my little detour 😉

Kids’ toys from 400 years ago… To be honest, I’d rather have these and a couple of playmates than an iPad!

Cradle, quill, & cauldron… Nothing is bubbling though

They have actors at Shakespeare’s birth place! Kuddos to this amazing lady for performing Sonnet 18, Sonnet 116, and the three witches scene from Macbeth… This is definitely the highlight of the day!

Quotes, quotes, quotes…

“Gimme a quote” —-Peter Heywood

There is a nursery rhyme section in Shakespeare’s New Home, and to my surprise, they have the rhyme from 1984! Saves me a lot of trouble looking for it, too…

“F*cking h*ll” was my first thought as I looked at this wallful of insults… This is ingenious, and so worthy of a picture!

“No.” —-Hamlet, III, iii, 92

The buildings towards an older Stratford… It looks a lot like the southwestern towns in China, especially those close to rivers and streams. But again, the climate in the two areas is probably much more similar…

Guess which one caught my eye?

(Hint: not the helmets!)

I would looooove to have a quill like that! Just sayin’…

But now I know where to get one!

Again, rich folk’s home some 400 years ago… Who knew Shakespeare was upper-middle class back then, away from poverty, starvation, and all that? I need to start to think about him as someone other than Burns!

Spent the afternoon with a pot of precious Earl Grey and the souvenirs I bought… Who wants the sonnet post card?

The tearoom in which I spent my afternoon is quite… British… I can’t say English as you can see plaids already… But hey, can you imagine a tearoom putting sofas in the bathroom?

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