Day 2: Canterbury I

So I’m now warmly tucked in with HBHM full in my ears, complaining it being too early for bed just yet. Thus, I should probably report on where I left off since my arrival in Canterbury less than 24 hours ago.

Thanks to booking failures and holiday closures, I was able to push my plans around and have a good night’s sleep. I got up at around ten, after eleven more hours of being dead to the world, while still feeling tired. Not as knackered as I’d been, but still longing for bed. But then my mind wandered off to breakfast (aka lunch) and I got the motivation to get up – a mini quiche and lasagne! Heaven knows how much I miss them! I’ve had my fair share of tourtières and quiche in Montreal but obviously not enough good lasagne and I just can’t get enough quiche… And what’s better than satisfying both cravings with one meal? So I finished the quiche and about half of the lasagne and almost gave my host as scare by leading him to believe that I was going to put tupperwares into the oven lol. I saved the other half of my lasagne for a snack later, which, as it turned out, was the best I’ve ever had ever since I moved out of my Italian host family’s kitchen XD

Seagulls! I saw seagulls! It was moments like this that made me believe I was back in Victoria! And is that a carousel?

My hosts were walking to an outdoor shop which happens to be at the other end of the city, and we walked through a marvellous park! There was glorious sunshine out there, and +7 degrees C! I kept saying it felt like spring has come way too early to the point it probably got annoying lol

And that old couple in the pic: you’re adorable!

This is apparently a Roman Wall… I wasn’t aware of anything other than the Hadrian’s Wall so this one was unexpected. It makes sense though, considering Canterbury has a castle and therefore was considered a city in medieval times.

Looking out of the keyhole lol. I tried to play with this one but it doesn’t look successful, and my mum says it looks like a thermometer 😶

We were looking at the bridge on the wall earlier, and now we’re looking at the wall on the very same bridge! It was not even 1pm and already it felt like the sun was setting!

Another wall/castle keep… This one is supposedly Norman though… The history side of things is always interesting.

The very first telephone booth I’ve noticed, and I had to take it with me! My host suggested there were cleaner ones but this one with all the grafitis and branches and the brick wall is just perfect!

The streets of Canterbury are much quieter and cleaner than that of Montreal, and it possesses the cultural heritage which Victoria lacks. Another interesting things is that they have everything in one place, like all the vets are on the same street, all the restos are on another street, like that. This one above has like 5 barbers within 20 meters of reach!

I don’t know why, the doors here are also captivating… They look so much like Downing Street, maybe?

Like I said, it is the little things that keep reminding me that I am, in fact, in Europe. The shop decorations is one of these little things…

I was almost singing “Alleyways and pay phone calls” by this time!

Again, glorious sun(set)

I’ve always wondered whether those white buildings (with black roofs) are made of wood or even thatch, but apparently they are made of stones/bricks, just like the other ones. Why the same style, then? Do they mean to suggest the status of the owner at the time of their making?

I’ve found Weaver’s Cottages without even looking for it! This one is not “devoid of tenants” though… And since it’s Canterbruty not Chatteris, there is probably no need to be excited, but here I am… I was told that many online pictures of Canterbury are actually taken here, so why not snap another one?

All Saints Lane… A bit creepy if you actually sound it out… I wonder if they actually have an “All Demons Lane” here?

The end of High Street, I think… Nothing else needs to be explained.

It’s interesting to be hearing conversations here as I keep thinking I’m hearing French. Not sure if it’s their accent or is Montreal rubbing it in, but even when I tune in to lots of conversations, they still don’t make much sense. My hosts are from Eastern Europe and I sometimes doubt they are actually speaking English but then I’d catch words like “there” and “tomorrow”… At St Pancras Station in London though, so many people were speaking French (and Italian and Spanish and German and whatever) that they even made the station bilingual. It’s probably another reason why I feel so at home still…

Another river/canal. Now that I was out of the city centre again, the tranquility was back. This one makes Canterbury look like a small town fast asleep and snoring like an adorable baby.

This gigantic building is a library… With a tourist centre. I spent about an hour in the afternoon in it, getting some long-craved internet. I was told again and again that the 3G signals in the city centre is practically eaten by the cathedral, and it seemed like my hosts are right lol

4pm looking like 6… Since it wasn’t really that cold I kept expecting the sun to behave like Feburary/March, and it was a bit of a surprise to see it getting dark thisnearly. The lights are good, though.

More lights on a high street, and I think the blue thing in the end is the Marlow theatre

I just can’t get enough of the streets, can I?

Another accidental finding… This looks like some rich people’s house a hundred years ago, but I’m now sure…

Oh the famous fish & chips shop… I’d probably visit one somewhere but sadly not here… Besides, it’s too greasy to be eating alone!

This is, according to its banner, a “book binding” shop… Aside from the alliteration, I think it’s worth a visit just to see the artistry!

Replacing the first word with “Privet” would sound much better, FYI

It got to 0 at around 5pm and the result was frost everywhere… It got very slippery and I felt like walking on Montreal’s icy streets at times. Weird thing, as it was sunny all day and the streets didn’t seem damp at all – but I guess that’s what you get by being surrounded by ocean… Victoria was a bit like this, but much dryer most of the time

Another nice surprise: cabbages! Not sure if they grow locally but it does seem like the cabbages we have back in China are common here, though these ones are smaller. The same cabbages are gigantic and very hard to find in Canada, even in Montreal! And the British ones taste as good as the Chinese ones! They have Chinese redishes/beets in the right size too! No need to worry about dumplings for Chinese New Year then!

Exhausted again… Must be jet lag then. Anyways, going to bed now. Good night!

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